27/03/2021 - 27/03/2023
15:45 , 2 hours
Meeting point in Piazza Gabriele d'Annunzio, under the obelisk

Business description

An original and unique guided tour that takes place in the city of Alessandria to discover the places and symbols belonging to the Masonic tradition.

The tour will be the opportunity to get to know the most curious and interesting aspects of the Freemasonry world, its history and the social-political impact of this age-old brotherhood.

Through the historical account, you will discover the birth and true nature of the Freemasonry, get to know places and people who belonged to it and who left an important mark on the history of the city and of the epic Italian Risorgimento.

We will tell you about the rites, traditions and curious and unique events narrated for the first time in the only, original and authorised Italian freemasonry tour.

Everything you will hear comes from the historical research of an authoritative character of the Freemasonry world and therefore you can deepen your knowledge with certain and truthful facts that will also help you to overcome a certain fame of esoterism and mystery that surrounds the Freemasonry world.

A unique opportunity for a “revealing” walk that will also make you appreciate the city with a different eye.


20.00 €


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Information and contacts
piazza Gabriele DìAnnunzio - 1512x Alessandria (Alessandria)
sotto l'obelisco