Walk along the Gorzente stream in the gold areas



Meet at 9 a.m. at the Antica Locanda of Casaleggio Boiro. Depart at 10 a.m. with own vehicle, and then on foot among the waste heaps of the Roman gold mines, followed by the search for gold (lost by the Romans) in the Gorzente stream.


Hiking boots or rubber boots, packed lunch and drinks are required (those without, can purchase them in the Locanda); for those who own them, small shovels for collection and gold sand washing plates (these are available to try and to buy, both professional and non-professional) Registration fee: €20, minors accompanied by a responsible adult, €10. All participating adults will receive a complimentary tourist map of the territory and the book by G. Pipino: Lo sfruttamento dei terrazzi auriferi nella Gallia Cisalpina. Le aurifodine dell'Ovadese, del Canavese-Vercellese, del Biellese, del Ticino e dell'Adda. Historical Museum of Italian Gold, Ovada 2015.

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