Renzo and Lucia's lunch and cooking show

03 September 2020


On Friday 23rd August, Giuseppe Cederna arrives to Morbello, to tell the tale of Odysseus, a Mediterranean migrant, certainly the first of world literature, on his way back after the Trojan War. A reflection on the ancient hospitality towards the stranger and the most beautiful declaration of love in the world. Il Mediterraneo is the sea of proximity, meetings and exchanges between peoples. It is Kastellorizo, the island of the film Mediterraneo "Italians Greeks one face one race”. It is therefore also the tale of Giuseppe Cederna's return to the island 25 years after the Oscar.


9 p.m. Tastings of local products organised by Associazione I Corsari of Morbello Admission €10 with drink Presale tickets available at the following links: Mailticket: Ticketone:

Information and contacts
località Costa Villa Claudia - Morbello
Telephone: +39 335 543.7346


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