Monfrà Jazz Fest - St. Stephen's Concert



On 20 June at 9.30 pm, the pianist Marco Detto, one of the key guests of the Monfrà Jazz Fest, will take to the main stage at Casale Castle. The event is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Casale to raise funds for the restoration of the Church of Santo Stefano and the music will also be intimately connected to this place, which is dear to the people of Casale. In agreement with the Diocese of Casale Monferrato and the architectural firm Rustico (promoter of the restoration project), 5 themes/symbols/paintings will be identified that represent the importance and the beauty of the Church of Santo Stefano, the homonymous Tower and the square. Each theme will be introduced by a short explanation to the public and then entrusted to the refined and engaging musical sensitivity of the famous pianist. Conclusion with jam session in the wine bar and shop.


Time: 9.30 pm

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piazza Castello Castello dei Paleologi ed Enoteca del Monferrato - Casale Monferrato

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