Leonardo in Tortona

13 October 2019


Sunday 13 from 10 am, at the Ridotto, "Le danze del Paradiso" (Dances of Paradise) dances and feasts in Leonardo's Lombardy, course on the historical reconstruction of ancient dance. At 6 pm, always at the Ridotto, "Perchè anonimi Leonardeschi?" (Why anonymous Leonardo-style paintings?) diagnostic investigations to discover clues on two paintings of the Leonardo school: "Natività" (Nativity) (preserved at the Church of Santa Maria Canale) and "San Martino, San Rocco and San Gerolamo" (Collegiate Church of Casei Gerola); speakers: Maurizio Aceto and Elisa Calà of the Department of Science and Technological Innovation of the University of Piemonte Orientale in Alessandria. Work-related learning projects in the Diocese of Tortona, Itis "Marconi", Università Piemonte Orientale and Studio d'arte e restauro Gabbantichità will also be presented; Ottavio Pilotti, President of the Historical Society Pro Iulia Dertona, will be the presenter.


info and registration: glossemachorea@alice.it), exhibition of ancient dance, organised by Lucio Paolo Testi

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