110 years in pink and Cycling among the Ovada hills



Stories, achievements and statistics of the Giro d’Italia from the first edition to date: Luca Mariantonani and Riccardo Crivelli (“La Gazzetta dello Sport”) take us inside the numbers of the Giro, thanks to the brand new book 110 anni in rosa (Pendragon), a story of anecdotes and curiosities. To follow, Pedalando tra le Colline Ovadesi, tasting-dinner with products and wines of the Ovada area, in association with the Consortia for the Protection of Dolcetto of Ovada Doc and Ovada Docg, and the Regional wine shop of Ovada and Monferrato.

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via San Lorenzo 21 Palazzo Monferrato, Museo AcdB - Alessandria

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